When you know your landscape needs help, Wheaton’s is the one you call.

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Lawn Maintenance

This service is responsible for keeping everything on your lawn looking clean, neat, and healthy. The primary service is mowing your grass to keep it looking good!

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Lawn Care

These services are meant to help your lawn not only look nice but feel healthy from the inside out. We do this by weed control, fertilizer application, aeration, and overseeding.

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Concrete Curbing

We offer certain services other companies don’t, including landscape curbing. This method is a more sturdy, durable way to add edging around your landscape beds and near driveways!

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There are several ways you can upgrade the overall look of your home or business. Adding beautiful, functioning landscaping is the best way to do just that!

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The organic, growing lawn additions aren’t the only way to spruce things up and add some flair to your landscape. Through the installations of fire pits, patios, or retaining walls, you can transform your home!

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Outdoor Living Spaces

Having a place not only to relax outside but entertain and feel like you can hang out all day is fantastic! Outdoor living spaces offer a lovely spot to enjoy the sunshine and have some fun.

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Retaining Walls

There are some great ways to protect your lawn from the dangers that can cause major damage to it. Retaining walls offer a stylish solution to these dangers – looking good while they do it!

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Patios and Walkways

Patios and walkways are forms of hardscaping that offer safer places to walk and some ease around your property. Patios make wonderful hangout spots, while walkways can also add flair to your lawn!

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There’s nothing quite like a landscape addition that has multiple functions! Firepits bring light and heat to your landscape – and a cool place to cook or roast. They’re great for gatherings with friends, too.

Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler Repair

Your sprinkler systems are a tremendous help in keeping your grass and plants adequately watered, however much or often they need to be. They encourage consistent growth and help take some of the burdens off of you as the homeowner.