Detailed concrete curbing services in Fremont and Arlington, Nebraska!

What is included in our concrete curbing services?

There are a considerable amount of ways to add a bit of flair to your landscape – making landscape beds pop, making your driveway or walkways look well-manicured, and so on. Curbing is a brilliant way to keep those areas looking good and much safer simultaneously!

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What good does concrete curbing do for my landscape or home?

Reduces amount of weeds in your garden

Weeds can spread like wildfire – once you see one, there’s bound to be more where that came from! Concrete curbing helps drastically reduce the number of weeds making their way in – and makes it easier to cut them off.

Provides a strong root barrier

Your plants and flowers are lovely, but letting them grow wildly can cause more issues down the line – including their roots infringing where they don’t need to be. Curbing such as this helps keep them in line, providing a barrier to keep their roots from spreading too far!

Limits amount of time spent on trimming

A lot of time is taken up doing various jobs around your lawn, including trimming and manual edging! Adding concrete curbing to your landscape cuts the edging time down by a lot, making it much easier to complete lawn maintenance tasks.

What are some things to know about concrete curbing?

Different colors, different materials

Everyone has different preferences, including what colors or material type they want around their lawn. Concrete curbing can come in different colors, including many brown, red, and grey shades. They also can be made of brick or stone – things like flagstone and cobblestone are very common!

They need time to set

You can work on or walk around your landscape 48 hours after the install is finished; however, it’s still important to be mindful for several more days following! Weight, shovels, and mowers can still cause damage to them.
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