Handy hardscaping services in Fremont and Arlington, Nebraska!

What is included in our hardscaping services?

Hardscaping is an excellent non-organic way to add more dimension to your landscape – and could be the missing piece you were looking for! First, we will discuss what types of additions you were interested in and where they would fit in best on your lawn. Once that’s done, we get to work installing your new hardscaping!

Why choose Wheaton Lawn and Landscape LLC?

  • The jobs we perform have a personal touch to each of them
  • We can offer mowing bonuses for referrals
  • We offer these services to many different customers
  • All work we do is committed to being detail-oriented
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What good does hardscaping do for my landscape or home?

Once again, home values matter

We’ve already mentioned how much landscaping work can add to your home’s overall value. Hardscaping is another beautiful way to upgrade your landscape and make the value skyrocket!

Add visual texture to your lawn

A vast and purely green landscape can get tedious to look at as the shades blend together. Hardscaping can break up the monotony and add texture to your lawn, an eye-catching way to keep your landscape exciting and beautiful!

Adds privacy to your home or property

If you are someone who values your privacy but doesn’t have fencing to help with that, hardscaping is a brilliant way to do just that! It can serve many purposes for your landscape, but privacy is one of the big ones!

What are some things to know about hardscaping?

Curved edges are just as useful as straight ones

Straight lines can look clean and neat on your landscape, but too many of them can make it look sharp and unnatural. Making some of your hardscaping curved and rounded can help eliminate this issue!

Your hardscaping, your choice

You, of course, have a say in where you want certain additions to go and what they look like – but you also can choose what they’re made of. Your hardscaping can be built out of brick, wood, concrete, metal, and various types of stone!
Are you looking for a team that can handle your commercial or residential landscape with the care and attention it deserves? You can call the Wheaton Lawn and Landscape team today to find out how we can help you!

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