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What is included in our landscaping services?

One of the best ways to improve the look of your property is to have new landscaping done. First, we evaluate your lawn, determine its official size, and find any piping to avoid damage. Then, we install new landscaping tailored to the look you want and maintain it, so it stays beautiful!

Why choose Wheaton Lawn and Landscape LLC?

  • We offer our services to many different customers
  • Detail-oriented work is the name of the game for us
  • We’re dedicated to having a personal approach to our work
  • For referrals, you get a mowing bonus
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What good does landscaping do for my landscape or home?

Automatic upgrade in home value

You could do a lot to increase the overall value of your home, inside and out. Landscaping is a fantastic way to do just that – you could potentially add up to 20% to your home value! This addition makes selling your home later much easier down the line.

Grass or trees around walkways helps with heat

Walking around on asphalt during the hottest times of the year can be brutal – it doesn’t have to be, though! Ensuring there’s grass next to it or trees planted around it can cool it down immensely!

Good landscaping helps in storms

Storms can be fun to watch but can leave a lot of damage in their wake. A lush, well-done landscape can become a water runoff “buffer” – this will reduce sediments and pollutants from spreading to other areas. In addition, plants and grass can act as a filtration system and aid in stopping erosion!

What are some things to know about landscaping?

The outdoors are good for your health

You can benefit mentally and physically from spending more time outside! With a pretty view of nature, it’s possible to experience lowered blood pressure and stress levels, fewer headaches, calmer moods, and being outside can provide you with vitamins you may be lacking!

Landscaping is a work of art

The term “landscaping” was initially used as a painting term and evolved to mean what it does today. With the endless possibilities for designs and plant types, it truly is a form of art in itself!

Are you looking for a team that can handle your commercial or residential landscape with the care and attention it deserves? You can call the Wheaton Lawn and Landscape team today to find out how we can help you!

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