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What is included in our fire pit services?

Fire pits are a fantastic way to keep warm, add a new element to your landscape, and light up the evenings with friends and family. There are a lot of benefits to having these installed and plenty of styles to choose from. We can build one on your landscape where you want it, that fits the look and style you want!

Why choose Wheaton Lawn and Landscape LLC?

  • Many different customers can take advantage of our services
  • Being detailed in our work is a leading priority
  • Referrals can get you a mowing bonus
  • A personal approach sets us apart from the rest

What good do fire pits do for my landscape or home?

Makes your landscape usable throughout the seasons

Of course, summer nights are a given for outdoor entertaining, maybe even the springtime when flowers are in full bloom. However, adding a fire pit to your landscape lengthens the time you can use your outdoor space into the fall and even parts of the winter!

Adds the element of cooking to your lawn

Sometimes folks want a minimalistic hardscaping set-up on their property or can’t invest in an outdoor kitchen. Fire pits provide the chance for you or your friends to still cook or roast over the flames!

Adding light where there wasn’t before

Many people love the calm that comes with sitting outside under the stars – but dark spaces can be dangerous! You can limit the risk of trip-and-falls or other injuries by relaxing near the bright flames from a fire pit. You can have them installed in areas that were previously dark spots on your lawn.

What are some things to know about fire pits?

Putting out wood fires safely

If your fire pit burns wood, it’s crucial to know how to put those flames out safely. The three top ways are water, sand (doesn’t produce hot steam like water), or fire extinguisher – the last one preferably used only in emergencies.

Number of homes with fire pits are rising

Many homeowners are catching onto the fire pit trend, helping it grow to become more popular over time. For example, when homeowners are looking to purchase furniture for outdoor living spaces or just outdoor furniture, about 38% of those planned purchases are fire pits!
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