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What is included in our retaining wall services?

Sometimes an extra helping hand is needed when it comes to keeping your lawn in good shape – it’s hard to do it all on your own! Retaining walls help keep everything, even the soil, in its place while maintaining a sleek, aesthetically pleasing look. So we install these hardscape beauties where they’ll make the biggest difference and look fantastic!

Why choose Wheaton Lawn and Landscape LLC?

  • Mowing bonuses for referrals are one of the perks we offer
  • We always focus on keeping our jobs detail-oriented
  • Keeping each job personal truly sets us apart
  • Multiple customers can benefit from the services we provide

What good do retaining walls do for my landscape or home?

Keeps any potential erosion at bay

Erosion can be one of the most prominent forms of destruction on any landscape – and there are specific ways you can combat it! For example, retaining walls help keep the soil/sediment from washing away, limiting damage to your landscape bedding or the surrounding areas.

Prevents excess water from infiltrating your home

In the biggest of storms, water can become a massive problem for your landscape and home. These retaining walls will aid in limiting the amounts of leftover water making its way to your house – especially from any uneven “hills” on your property!

Air quality will be increased

Provides extra seating and decor opportunities

Functionality and beauty make quite the power couple – and these lovely walls are proof of that. They protect your lawn while offering additional seating outside and are ready for any decor to fit the look you want!
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What are some things to know about retaining walls?

They’re not just for home use

While homes are often the properties that benefit the most from these structures, they’re not the only ones. Schools, businesses, and other public areas also commonly benefit from their benefits!

Additional measures are required for large walls

Some regulations must be followed in regards to retaining wall construction. For example, as of 2012, the International Building Code stated a permit was required for walls over four feet in height! That’s why it’s best to get help from local lawn pros who know how that works.
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