Fantastic landscape installs, lawn maintenance, hardscaping, and more provided to Arlington, Nebraska!

Arlington originally started as a village back in 1869 that sat near Bell Creek, which it was named after. The Pacific Railroad ran along the south side, and eventually, more businesses began popping up in the area. A general store, blacksmith, pharmacy, and grain elevator were built in 1870 – merely one year later! April 1882, after the name changed to Arlington due to a mess up regarding mail, a meeting established the foundations of this now small town. Telegraph service came during 1885, and then electricity was introduced in the area in 1904. Growth there may have been slow, but the changes were almost all positive.

To this day, Arlington remains a humble, quaint city with a lot of beautiful scenery to take in and behold. If you enjoy sports, the Indian Creek Golf Course is a wonderful option; or you can drive around, taking in the views of the land. The airboat rides aren’t too far away, and there are great places to get good food – Tin Lizzy Tavern, Big Red Restaurant & Sports Bar, and La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant are some of the best options. The folks who live here are lovely, and we are glad we get to serve each of them. We are dedicated to doing so for many years in the future!

Why choose Wheaton Lawn & Landscape for your lawn maintenance and landscape installs?

  • We provide services to a wide range of customers
  • We offer a “personal touch” for every lawn
  • Our team is committed to detail-oriented work

What can Wheaton Lawn & Landscape do for your Arlington property?

  • Lawn Maintenance – the type of work used to keep the lawn healthy and looking cleaned up; this includes mowing, edging, and trimming.
  • Landscape Maintenance – like lawn maintenance, landscape maintenance keeps certain areas under control; the process includes extra trimming, pruning, landscape bed maintenance.
  • Landscape Installs – transforming your plain lawn into something brand new; installing bedding, flowers, shrub or tree shaping/care, and grass care.
  • Concrete Curbing – a way to add more durable and sturdy edging to your landscaping; this edging can go around driveways, landscape beds, trees and come in various colors or types (brick or stone).
  • Lawn Care – the parts of the outdoor routine that caters to the natural health and vitality of your lawn; fertilizer application, aeration, and overseeding are included.
  • Hardscaping – there are plenty of ways to add inorganic landscape installs to your lawn; hard surfaces such as patios, walkways, fire pits, outdoor living spaces, and retaining walls are just a few.

What are the benefits of great lawn maintenance or landscape installs?

  • The value of your home will be drastically increased
  • Less chance of your lawn becoming susceptible to disease and pests
  • Improved guest and customer-first impressions
  • Much better use of lawn space
  • An upgraded curb appeal of your property
  • Higher chances of time spent outdoors
  • Lowered amount of money spent on constant repairs
Do you want a better-looking landscape? Are you looking for better ways to care for your lawn? Then, call the dedicated team at Wheaton Lawn & Landscape today – where the details matter!

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