Quality, unique landscape installs, lawn maintenance, hardscaping, and more provided to Fremont, Nebraska!

 In 1856, a small group of settlers in the area planned to begin building a small town along the Platte River. It was named after the famous explorer John C. Fremont, and it was a prime location to settle down. The rich soil, long river, and eventually transcontinental railroad made a wonderful place to make a new life! The population doubled between 1870 and 1880 – and with this dramatic increase came more industry for the area. In the early 1900s, many businesses were built – foundries to sawmills, cigar factories to wagon makers, and plenty in between.

To this day, the area of Fremont remains a lovely place to live and, of course, to visit. The Fremont & Elkhorn Valley Railroad is a museum where you can learn about the past or visit the Fremont Lakes Recreation Area for some leisurely fun. Corner Bar is always a fun option for those who’d like some kid-free fun, or you can take the family on Bryson’s Airboat Tour for some sightseeing! Add in some specialty gift shops and more eateries, and you’ve got a recipe for a good time. We love this area, and we know the folks who live here do, too.

We look forward to many more years providing services for them!

Why choose Wheaton Lawn & Landscape for your lawn maintenance and landscape installs?

  • Our work is detail-oriented for optimum results
  • We serve a wide array of customers
  • Provide a “personal touch” with every lawn we service

What can Wheaton Lawn & Landscape do for your Fremont property?

  • Lawn Maintenance – work that goes into keeping your lawn looking neat and feeling good; this work includes routine jobs such as mowing, edging, and trimming.
  • Landscape Maintenance – work similar to lawn maintenance but targeted to specific landscape areas; pruning, landscape bed maintenance, additional trimming are included.
  • Landscape Installs – taking the lawn you currently have and upgrading it to a more functional, beautiful space; new landscape beds, shrub or tree shaping/care, flowers, grass care all considered.
  • Concrete Curbing – a more sturdy, long-lasting way to edge your lawn or landscape; edging around bedding, driveways, trees, and more – in different colors and styles to suit all needs (brick, stone, etc.)
  • Lawn Care – the types of lawn jobs that ensure your lawn stays healthy inside and out; aeration, overseeding, and fertilizer application are part of this process.
  • Hardscaping – the side of landscaping that isn’t made of organic, living material; additions like fire pits, retaining walls, walkways, patios, and other outdoor living spaces.

What are the benefits of great lawn maintenance or landscape installs?

  • Better curb appeal for your property
  • Lessens the chance of pests and lawn disease
  • Your home’s value will skyrocket
  • More efficient use of space
  • More opportunities for outdoor time
  • Lowered need to spend constant money on repairs
  • Better first impressions for guests or customers
Do you want to improve your outdoor space? Looking for someone to care for your lawn like their own? Call the dedicated team at Wheaton Lawn & Landscape today – where the details matter!

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