Lovely lawn care services in Fremont and Arlington, Nebraska!

What is included in our lawn care services?

Lawn care is a fantastic way to keep your lawn healthy from the ground up – making it strong from the inside out! Our services allow every part of your lawn to grow how it should and at a lower risk for lawn diseases. We want your landscape to thrive and grow as it should!

Why choose Wheaton Lawn and Landscape LLC?

  • Every job we perform has a personal touch to it
  • We offer services to a wide array of customers
  • We can offer mowing bonuses for referrals
  • Our services are all detailed-oriented

What good does lawn care do for my landscape or home?

Soil quality is much better

There are a lot of valuable minerals in the topsoil of your lawn – without it, your flowers and plants would struggle to grow. Good lawn care can prevent erosion by wind or rain, keeping those nutrients inside the soil!

Your greenery will have a better defense against disease

There are multiple different forms of lawn diseases such as molds and fungi that can significantly affect its health. With proper lawn care services, your greenery will better fight these off and stay protected in the future!

Keeps the environment around your business or home healthier

It’s always nice to find ways to help the environment – and surprisingly, a healthy lawn can do just that! It keeps the air around you cleaner, provides oxygen, reduces temperatures, and traps the carbon dioxide.

What are some things to know about lawn care?

Everyone is jumping on board

If you’re considering taking action and trying to do something about the care of your lawn, you’re not alone. In 2015, U.S. households collectively spent about $15.9 billion on lawn care and gardening services!

Healthy lawn benefits know no bounds

There are plenty of ways having a healthy lawn can not only benefit you but others as well. However, one of these benefits may surprise many homes or business owners – 8 healthy lawns have a similar cooling effect to air conditioning needed to cool 16 homes!
Are you looking for a team that can handle your commercial or residential landscape with the care and attention it deserves? You can call the Wheaton Lawn and Landscape team today to find out how we can help you!

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