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What is included in our outdoor living spaces services?

Outdoor living spaces can provide multiple benefits for your and your property – they come in different shapes, sizes, and types to fit your personal needs. We can help design and build a space that is efficient for your lawn and looks fantastic at the same time!

Why choose Wheaton Lawn and Landscape LLC?

  • Our jobs are done with a more personal touch
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What good do outdoor living spaces do for my landscape or home?

Fixes gradient problems

Sometimes lawns need extra help that goes a little deeper than the surface. Soil erosion can become a big thorn in your side, making the ground very uneven. You can counteract this by installing outdoor spaces with solid, flat surfaces you won’t even notice!

Expands your lawn space

Looking out at your lawn, you may think what you see if what you get. However, installations such as outdoor living spaces can expand your lawn as a whole, making it look bigger than it did previously!

Increases lawn functionality

If you don’t have much in the way of hardscaping done, you don’t know what kind of function you can get out of your lawn! These lovely living spaces use the land you have efficiently, adding to its allure rather than working against it.

What are some things to know about outdoor living spaces?

Different preferences for different combinations

Not every homeowner will want the same thing their neighbor does for their home and landscape. There are different outdoor living space designs and combinations to choose from! About 48% of these combos are taken up by a patio and porch set up – making it the most popular.

Adding onto what’s already there is a common practice

If you have a form of outdoor living space you enjoy but want something new, you’re not alone. The most common addition to these spaces is outdoor kitchens, according to 61% of home construction experts!

Are you looking for a team that can handle your commercial or residential landscape with the care and attention it deserves? You can call the Wheaton Lawn and Landscape team today to find out how we can help you!

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